Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today I decided to eat the free Twizzlers I got at the Hershey's Store when I stocked up on Giant Peanut Butter Cups and chocolate. I didn't even notice they slipped them in my bag, so it was a complete surprise when I got home and found them in the bottom of the bag! To be honest, I didn't buy any Twizzlers because they looked so artificial and not too appealing and I kind of expected them to be gross. I quite liked these though! Especially the red/cherry ones. Got to love cherry.

In other news.. has anyone ever heard of Alexi Murdoch? He's on the soundtrack of Away We Go and I absolutely LOVE the songs. At first I thought it was José Gonzalez. Murdoch's songs are a little less.. 'heavy' in a way though, I dunno, they make me less depressed.


  1. Nice blog. Well written and very engaging. Well done!

  2. Glad I have stumbled upon your blog. I'll be following your updates from now on!