Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's winter!

Yesterday we had some of the first 'real' snow! It's officially winter for me now. I don't know why, but as long as is hasn't really snowed yet and it's only freezing cold with icy storms I don't really like the winter. But once I can sit inside in our cozy little home with a mug of hot chai tea and watch the snow fall down, well, those are the moments when I love winter.

Ugh. I have a dentist's appointment today, check up. Hate hate hate it, even though it's only 5 minutes of my life (I always have to wait though, so add another 30 min. to that). Then I'm going to try to make some blueberry muffins in the microwave due to lack of an oven, and I'm going to bleach a shirt for the first time.. Oh and make some more chai tea latt├ęs c:

And now it's my honour to introduce to you:
John Krasinski as Gilbert the squirrel!

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