Sunday, December 19, 2010

The World of Noodoll

I just continually kept squeeling for 30 minutes straight c: Just opened up the 'World of Noodoll' pack I bought, and it was still a big mystery to me as to what was inside. IT'S SO AWESOME.
There was a (comic) book inside calles Ricehead Cooks Up a Plan. At first I was like 'ok.. this is neat, shame it's mostly in Chinese though', but then I discovered these sheets in it that you can put over the comic so you get the english text and some extra colours/doodles! So that made it even more awesome.

You can view the official page and more pictures of it here. Please do! The website it really cool too and has lots of amazing (Christmas) goodies. They also have a blog. I love how it's different from all the other 'cute and kawaii' stuff, with their own take on characters like Cartman, Darth Vader, Popeye, Cruella De Vil, Wonder Woman or these cuties:

I can't contain my excitement about this! n.n

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