Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now that I'm accepted to art school, I'm gradually getting excited about finding my own place to live. I'm so sick of constantly moving my stuff around between my mom's and my dad's place. Soon I'll have my own place where everything can live together peacefully and stay there. Anyway. I was browsing on Think Geek and here's some dream stuff I think would look amazing in this yet unknown place I'm going to call my home.
An 8-bit flower bouquet! Eek! It's just too perfect.

Some mugs I need in my life... (I preferably drink everything from a mug)
Heat Changing Arcade Mugs

I'm in love with this Electronic Butterfly in a Jar! So pretty. Can I have the pink one please?

I doubt I'll have my own complete bathroom at my first place, but if I do.. well, yesplz. Along with some of this

And this would go great with my bathroom.
Though it would be in the kitchen. Obviously. Or next to my bed.
 This Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow is a must for a then stressed out and still forever alone me...

...huddled on my bed with only this precious lamp on (I want it so bad)

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