Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So I had my interview for art school yesterday. My nervousness level was at a 100+. When I was sitting there, waiting, I seriously felt like throwing up. It didn't really help that there had been some delay and I had to wait for another 20 minutes. I felt a bit too enthusiastic too. Here I was with my huge shopping bag filled with sketchbooks and such while everyone there was sitting with just one folder or a tiny laptop. How do they even do that? I personally don't think it's any fun browsing through a tidy black folder with sleek prints or staring at my art on a computer screen. Bring on the classic sketchbook mess that you can't even close properly anymore!

 But on the bright side: it went great! Apart from one woman not liking my stuff with cupcakes in it because she thought they were stupid and overrrated (I totally agree on the overrrated part but do not call my cupcakes stupid!) it was all smiles and 'oohs!' and other forms of appreciation involved. I don't know whether I'm accepted or not for another three weeks, but them advising me to do fine arts instead of illustration but still having time to think about that in my first year there and other various things they said makes me 90% sure I got in!

10 hours of travelling for a 15 minute conversation, DAMN.

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  1. What I have never understood about art is that it is suppose to be subjective, but then an art "expert" can say things like "overrated". Congrats on the interview going well!