Thursday, March 3, 2011

My life right there.
I'm working on my self portrait right now for my art school submission and I've finally sketched out a complete and final sketch! I'm SO excited about it! It also has a cupcake in it, that's how I came across this picture. I'd been sketching for more than a week now and I just couldn't come up with anything. But now it's finally there. Finally.

Yesterday I had a 'portfolio talk' with a lady my mom works with. She is so nice and was so genuinly excited about my work/sketches. It's nice to get positive feedback from someone you basically don't know. I needed a confidence boost.

To-do list:
- select portfolio work
- make neat prints of my portfolio work
- make an awesome folder for it
- cut and paste all my random sketches that are lying around everywhere
- finish self portrait
- look for 2 bizarre articles and make illustrations for it
- prepare for art school interview questions
- drink lots of tea
- relax

Hell yeah.

Oh and one last thing, this is one of the best things ever:


  1. The desert sign... is awesome. Do you do a lot of drawing then?

  2. Mmhmm, drawing and such is basically what most of my day consists of.