Friday, March 25, 2011

Watching Coraline always makes me happy. And it makes me want to dye my hair blue, I haven't had blue hair yet! (well turquoise, but not actual blue) I absolutely love this drawing... It's something different than all those fanart pictures of them kissing, those just don't seem right to me.

I think my entire family thinks I still think 'boys are yucky'. Though I think my mum secretly hopes I turn out to be gay after all. Nobody really cares. Maybe I do think most boys are yucky, but not all of them. Most people are yucky to me.

Oh and I got accepted to the art school I had that interview for about a week ago. Don't know how to feel about it. Sick but relieved? I guess I'll just sign up and see how it goes... Mhmm.


  1. it's great that you were accepted, congrats :] i love coraline too, it reminds me of my childhood, i mean, it's a weird feeling when i watch it, but it's great.
    And I actually, got out way too late out of that 'boys are yucky' state, like at 16 lol it is ok, i suppose, but in the end you find someone, and that's a great feeling, trust me, i felt like you most of the time but now I think i found what i was looking for :] by the way, how r u going? i have been off for a while, cheers, xoxo

  2. Oh don't get me wrong I don't still think all boys are yucky, and I did find someone.. but it's complicated right now and nobody even seems to care about it. Like me and a life with boys and love doesn't even exists and it annoys the hell out of me. But besides that I'm ok I guess, like... I have nothing to complain about. How about you?

  3. erm im fine, i cannot complain about boys, friends or family, i can only complain 'bout exams, this is my last year in high school, and i cannot make anything related to psicology because the educational sistem changed, im fucked, i have global exams in less that a month, the final exams in may and university exams in june. I might do sth related to the arts in the end but now im going crazy about everything lol.

  4. That sounds all too familair to me x.x I was the exact same last year. You seem to have so much more exams than me though! You should do something with photography, you really seem to have a passion for that!