Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apparently the customs always got to pick me out for a double check, even when it comes to stuff I order on the internet. After 2 and a half months I finally received my book of 666 photography. Can you believe that? It must've seen the whole world by now, if books could see. Oh and please don't even bother to handle my stuff with care, just make some awesome rips in the cover and make it look like it's a 100 years old. PLEASE. I ordered two Hi Fructose books from another seller and they actually got them send back completely ruined and torn apart while they hadn't even left the country yet. 'Oh hai book! I'ma give you to the dog and throw you in the paper shredder because that's what we do around here.'

The book is awesome though. Such beautiful ladies and gorgeous props, accesories and what not. Now I've officially received all my birthday presents!

I'm feeling like Faye Valentine today. Why do I know so little people who even ever heard of Cowboy Bebop? I know you're out there! Goal in life forever: become a space cowgirl. Maybe I should cosplay her sometime. I should.

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  1. I always love a good Faye cosplay. She is just so amazing to me.