Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am just going to use this tiny space of the internet to say that beluga whales are awesome. I remember when I was hooked to the aquatic version of Zoo Tycoon (Marine Mania I believe it was called..) I always wanted to get tons of belugas. They're so pretty, and white, and chubby. My dream now is not to swim with dolphins, but with belugas. I bet if a beluga and a narwhal would have a baby together, it would look amazing. Like a unicorn/fish/mammal creature. I can live with a normal beluga baby for now though, I mean, just look at it!
This one reminds me of the pope though...
I will soon post about the beluga/narhwal/unicorn whale plushie I made and the most delicious cupcakes in the world: Baileys Cupcakes <3


  1. Don't laugh, but for the longest time I thought a Narwhal was something Futurama made up.

  2. @Pixie haha that is pretty funny but also totally understandable because of them having a horn and stuff. That's what I like about them, they look almost mythical!