Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today I received my copy of Beach Bums by Justin Wallis a.k.a MILKBBI! It's so fun, inspiring and colorful and obviously perfect to browse through with this amazingly hot weather <3

His work has inspired my loads the past few weeks, and I love how in his work you can see that it's all truly drawn traditionally as all the lines and coloring aren't 'flawless'. All the colors, patterns and other cutesy stuff is just...

It even came with a super cute postcard and a card with a little thank you message written on it. I guess that's what I love about 'smaller' artists and such, it's all way more personal and unique than the huge companies that only acompany your order with a boring receipt.
You can check out MILKBBI here or grab one of the only 100 copies of the little book in the super cute shop!

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