Friday, April 22, 2011

The weather here decided to skip all the spring bullshit and just go straight on to mid-summer weather. It's insane. Only three days ago I had to wear a hoodie + warm jacket, next thing I know I'm out rollerblading in my shorts and tank top. Great days to bring out the soap bubbles, make colorful paper chains, homemade raspberry slushies and as I already mentioned: rollerblading!
  My precious little cousin <3 I'm working on a painting of her right now for her birthday! It'll have lots of rainbow colors, glitter  and cuteness n.n

Talking about art and cuteness.. Here's a little sneak peek of the personal project I'm still working on. I lost interest in it for a bit but now I've jumped back into it!

And today I got myself this sweetiepie, or actually pinkie pie!
Eeeek so cute ^_^ I am so tempted to buy the other ones as well.. I've never really been into the 'old' My Little Pony. I always thought their voices were annoying and they looked a little.. dumb. But I'm absolutely loving the MLP Friendship is Magic series.

I also got myself a new book: Water for Elephants, I've been reading so much about it lately and apparently it's been made into a movie and I still had a book gift certificate lying around so.

I'm also in bad need for a new lay-out which I will probably start working on next week. Or if the weather gets bad again. Hope you all have some good weather too!



  1. @Grace I'll post a nice little review once I've finished reading it! I'm really enjoying it so far though.