Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let me share some pictures with you from the past couple of days!
Comic books! This was so much fun. A couple of days ago I ordered a grab-bag on Things From Another World. Basically you get a bunch of random back issue comics, so I had no idea what would be inside which made it even more fun. Turned out my order was also in time to have some free comic books included too from free comic book day. SCORE. My favorite one from the bunch has to be Man With The Screaming Brain. Gotta love Bruce Campbell.
So that day basically consisted of reading comics and eating ice cream...

Slowly learning how to enjoy to just cook for one. Look at this jummy thing! I might post the recipe of it soon because it's healthy, easy and super jummy.

A little thing I drew while listening to a certain song...

Tiny fishies in tiny frames!
Some pink glitter shells I made after coming across severel pictures of them online. They're so pretty but I have yet to find a use for them. For now I just stare at them all day every day.
My cat and I share the same taste in books <3

Today my new sketchbook will probably arrive! I'm so excited about it. Can't wait to start all fresh and new. Only 2 days without a sketchbook and I already got tons of sketches lying around everywhere. CRAZY LADY.

Another thing that makes me very happy is that I just found out that my new school has connections with MICA as well as an art school in Tokyo *_* Even though I won't go abroad 'til year 3 it's definitely something that'll make me work even harder. And save up money, ha. I just realized how fast another year has gone by. Last year I had just finished my high school exams. What the fuck I thought that was only yesterday. Total time mind fuck.

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  1. i suppose that happens so quickly, i mean, remembering highschool, i just finished like a week ago, but i already miss it a bit, mainly because I went to the same school since i was 5, till today, at 17. By the way congrats about your college thing, i'm still not sure about next year's carreer. And, most of the good days...are the ones we spend home :]