Friday, June 3, 2011

Look at this cute stamp that was on a postcard I received today!

The postcard came from my dad who is currently cycling the North Sea Cycle Route. It said he wouldn't be able to call me for some time because he forgot his phone at a Bed and Breakfast. Typical. For my dad. This is the first time he even took a phone with him. Now I might not even be able to call him on his birthday next Saturday. Pshht.

I sent some postcards today again too via Postcrossing, one with Hello Kitty on it to Australia and one with lots of cakes and princesses to Germany. I have yet to receive my first postcard from a mystery someone, I so curious as to where it's gonna come from!

And my Moleskine Sketchbook arrived today already! It's my new best friend. I seriously love it so much and am typing real quick right now so I can start working in it again.

Gonna see the new Pirates of the Caribbean tonight with my mum. Is it any good? I love all the movies so far,  though  I don't really have to see them more than once but not in a bad way, get it? I'm kinda looking forward to the mermaids. And Jack Sparrow. Obviously.


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  1. hello Sarah, je hebt de oorbellen van dag 9 gewonnen
    Mail je me even :D x