Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yesterday I fell on my bed after taking a shower around 7 pm and I remember falling asleep while hearing the neighbors playing this really weird version of 'Yellow Submarine'. Then I think I woke up exactly at midnight, or I dreamt I did, and I got out of bed at exactly 7 am. This whole morning there's been a non-stop mode of old people on bicycles going through the alley across the street. And I talked to Kyle on msn and for the first time ever we were both feeling good and had nothing to complain or worry about which has never happened before. and somehow I think I'm in some really weird parallel universe. 

I was supposed to go to a graduation party with my mum in 15 minutes but she still hasn't called which freaks me out even more because maybe she doesn't exist in this other dimension I'm in right now. And I really want to go to that party because there'll be home made cheesecake. That's really the only reason why I want to go.

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