Monday, June 6, 2011

This morning started off with me talking about my own death, writing a friend's orbituary (don't worry, not a real one!) and looking at old people porn. Now I'm looking for adds directed to seniors while listening to The Lonely Island. I'm really digging my life right now. The only thing that could make it even better is this cutest little sweetiepie!


  1. awwww i love that kitty, i want of those again, mine's have grown up too much u.u anyways, i hope you had fun yesterday in your...little party-graduation-pie thing, at least you have fun, im finishing my university exams and still no clue about the carreer, i think sth related to art, still no idea and so many doubts :S btw holidays for me in two days! :]

  2. @Alexandra they didn't even have the pie I was hoping for! So that sucked. No fun. I hope your exams are going ok, but I'm sure they are c: and about the whole 'career' thing I'd say the best thing is to just go and check out a whole lot of schools and find out what feels right. Don't rush things because you really don't want to end up on a school you don't feel like going for one hundred percent!

    But first just enjoy your vacation, I bet you'll be able to have even more fun once all those exams are over. You already got some fun stuff planned right? All I get to do this summer is find a new place and freak out about having to go back to school.

    Anyways let me know once you know the results of your exams!