Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When I was a little girl I collected stickers. In an almost obsessive way. I organized them all very neatly in folders, all sorted by theme. Food, cats, easter, powerpuff girls, diamonds... Always keeping them on the sheet just in case I might want to use them some day, which rarely happened. I recently caught myself buying stickers again for no apparent reason. Just because they're pretty.
Somehow it makes me so happy to catch up on this hobby again! Gotta love stickers. I like to see them as cheap picture books. Unfortunately one sticker folder has been devoured by all the junk in the attic. It's become a pointless search mission.
It's not like I buy every single sticker sheet I see. Just the ones that appeal to me. The ones I can look at over and over again. I also get some from others every once in a while, which of course is awesome x 10000.
Does anyone else collect them? Or collected them in the past? I just love browsing through other people's collections!



  1. I used to collect stickers. But I was the kid who would get bored with just collecting, so I would eventually stick them somewhere. . .and immediately regret ruining them.

  2. @Pixie I got a couple of empty spots here and there where stickers used to be and now I kinda regret I ever used them too Dx