Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moving out! part 2

In about half an hour I'm more or less officially moving out. My only question is: how can a person collect so much junk over the years? Even though I do a 'get rid of everything I hardly even use but is still cluttering up my room for no reason' clean-out, there was still so much stuff I had to sort out resulting in a giant mess...
Well that doesn't even look too bad does it? Maybe it was more of a mess in my mind itself. My faithful closet  also fell apart from despair as soon as I began taking everything out. I'm so glad to be rid of it, especially since I more or less will have a walk-in closet at my new place! DIVA!
I also decided I want to take one of my cats with me. Now I just gotta ask if they even allow pets. But damn if you're allowed to smoke pot in there I don't see why me taking my cat with would mean the end of the world. I can't leave her here. Yesterday I found her sitting right in the middle of the room, more or less protesting against me moving. She also keeps hiding in the boxes. She's a clever kitty.
I guess when you move out of the house you've more or less reached a certain level of maturity. But let me tell you: most of the stuff I've packed consists of toys and plushies. I am not ashamed. I love myself quite a bit of Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo and random Kinder Egg Surprises.
I'm taking my mom's mini tiny little laptop with me. Don't have the internet's password yet though. I guess I'll try B00bz first.



  1. I hope you get to bring your cat with you! And boobz is probably a good guess.

  2. hahaha every time I move I ask my self the same question! I have so much crap! Good luck with the move