Saturday, August 20, 2011

O HAI. I just cleaned up my closet so now I can admire myself in my awesome new mirror all day (ugh no good idea when you screw up your haircolor..)

I'm still considering getting a tattoo. I blame it on my friend. Whenever we talk it's always about tattoos at some point and I start drawing designs again or freehand something on myself. Say YES to glitter gellpen tattoos.
Inspired by the one posted here earlier.
You can laugh all you want but I like it. For today. Tomorrow I'll probably be relieved again it's not the real deal. Still, if I'd ever get tattoos it would be something of Sanrio and something Disney's Pocahontas inspired.
I just found out that they're looking for staff at the local cupcake shop and am very tempted to apply. I'm such a chicken though and feel like I should wait until I have my schedule for school. But I AM going to need a job eventually, and one or two days a week isn't much, right? It would be the perfect job for me.

 To-do list:
- get decent closet for books
- get a cupcake from Alice in Cupcakeland
- apply for job?
- read my book
- get rid of overly full garbage bag
- watch new Burn Notice episode


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