Friday, September 30, 2011

Foxy Crunchy Coconut

Today we had a drawing class which I wish could've been longer..! We went to the local Natural History Museum and even though you wouldn't expect a huge animal lover to get excited over mounted animals.. I was! We could pick anything in the museum and draw it. 

My composition is a bit random, I didn't really get to hear the full assignment.. But I had so much fun. Just sitting and drawing there on the floor staring at pretty animals is one of my ideal ways to spend a morning.

I literally squeeled when I saw that little fox.
There were also some really neat skelletons. Unfortunately I had way too little time to draw everything I wanted (which was about the entire museum).

Talking about foxes. Look at this little cutie I got a couple of days ago! <3

Lately I've been obsessed with these three specific colors. I don't know why. They just really appeal to me right now and get me in the mood for fall (even though there's mid-summer weather going on right now :c)

Because of the hot weather I finally bought myself some Ben & Jerry's coconutterly fair ice cream. But I'm not a fan. WHAT!? It's Ben & Jerry's, it's coconut, there are caramel swirls, what could go wrong? Chocolate ice cream, that's what's wrong. I might sound crazy but I'm not a big fan of chocolate ice cream. It's boring and you can hardly taste anything you mix with it because the chocolate tastes too strong. Same here. It's like chocolate with some random crunchy stuff in it. RANDOM CRUNCHY CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM.
So now I'm melting it so I can scoop out the crunchy coconut caramel bits and pour the chocolate down the sink. Call me crazy but that's just how I roll (or scoop).


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