Sunday, October 2, 2011

September's Inspiration

I more or less forgot to keep track of all the things that inspired me last month. Maybe it's not even right to use the word inspiration. I'm just gonna make a story with stuff in it that made a frequent appearance in my life this September.

Once upon a time there was a corgi. This corgi dreamed that during winter it wouldn't be snow, but grated coconut falling from the sky.
Her diet mainly consisted of milk biscuits and jasmine strawberry green tea and she loved lying in her fluffy new bed watching the latest episode of Doctor Who. She had a tiny crush on the Eleventh Doctor.

This corgi loved anything glittery. So painting her paws with glittery nail polish was part of her daily routine. Oh in case you were wondering, she lived in a enormous spooky Lego house, big enough for her to dance around in to her favorite Disney soundtracks.
This corgi also was fascinated by pretty color schemes (her super dog power was the ability to see colors). One of the rooms in her enormous spooky Lego house was completely filled with paint swatches and she would just go in there every once in a while and stare at them.

And sometimes she wished she could go out with the other corgis and play with them and make coconut snowmen, but she had been left with no explanation one too many times so she just sat inside eating ice cream. She did have a friend some time ago. She made him presents and read him bedtime stories and thought of him every second of every day (she still does), but apparently that wasn't enough.
'Melty' by Laura George
The tea for two pot she bought the day before he left her is still dusting away in the kitchen cabinet.


I lost myself a little in the end.
Tomorrow I'm leaving for Düsseldorf, see you guys in a couple of days.

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  1. Well that managed to be cute and terribly sad at the same time. I hope you get feeling better.