Friday, October 7, 2011

Düsseldorf part 1

I'm still no fan of Germany. Let me tell you, their bread rolls are the absolute best thing ever. But that aside none of the German cities I've been to so far have done anything for me. Not saying my days in Düsseldorf weren't fun! The cities just didn't add anything to the fun really.

First day we went to this beautiful park/outdoor museum where you could have potatos, hard boiled eggs and applesauce for lunch. I admired the park, chased squirrels and got lost in a purple flower maze.
Little birdhouses everywhere!
Every evening we had to cross a bridge to get something to eat. The first evening after dinner we went to a beach and threw rocks in the river and talked about ufos and constellations. 
The boats on the river looked like gigantic lanternfish.
The next day we went to one of the most bizarre museums I've ever been to. It consisted of several seperate rooms with sometimes the weirdest 'artistic installations'. I mostly just got weirded out by most of them, but there were two I loved. One with work from Katharina Fritsch:
Somehow this reminded a classmate and I of Doctor Who's River Song..
And this room filled with books, dried out teabags, typewriters, tape recorders and lots of random junk.
They also had an awesome playground there with a thing that could spin really fast and almost made me fall flat on my face once I got off of it. Afterwards I got some super cute Hello Kitty cookies! 'Koalas' with Hello Kitty instead of Koalas and tiny biscuits in a cute cookie tin!
The next museum was a little less weird, but sure had quite a neat modern art collection (even though modern art is hardly ever my thing!) They had a table filled with sketchbooks from an artist you could browse through which was pretty cool.

To be continued!


  1. That bit with mouse standing on the bed kind of weirded me out a little, but those Hello Kitty cookies are adorable.

  2. @Grace adorable and too tasty for my own good Cx