Monday, September 19, 2011

The Travelling Bunny

This is a piece I did for school. We got the subject 'The Traveller' and had to create something in any medium or style we're comfortable with. So naturally I went for a bunny, glitter and sparkle! I love my school for re-introducing me to ink! It looks so much nice than marker. 
A little peek in my sketchbook:
Yes I kind of raided the entire kid's toys catalogue (I want one of those kitties!)
I liked the bunny with the map too.. but it was too late!
This Wednesday I'll be doing my first screen print! We had to design something that would make our life easier, so I did spectacle wipers c: Can't wait to see how the actual print will turn out.

Playlist while working on all of this (on repeat)
I never heard this song before! Why?? It's so fun. And the part where Belle and the Beast are reading is so cute. It makes me want to read a story to someone.


  1. *drools over bunny picture* Great job as always.

  2. I love that picture! I want to go traveling and roast marshmallows with a bunny!