Sunday, October 30, 2011

Carving and Corgis: Happy Halloween!

I carved my pumpkin today! It's only my third time carving one. I'd always go with the usual jack-o-lantern evil grin face, but this time I decided to go for something different...

We don't really celebrate Halloween around here, so I never really bother to dress up (ok maybe apart from some cat ears or a silly hat). Here we have our own special little holidays when we get to dress up. And seriously, why dress up for Halloween when you can see corgis in costumes on the internet!?

Come here my sweetie! <3
Corgis and Kitty? Yesplz.

Apparently it's a dinosaur. I thought it was a broccoli
My heroes.

Can. not. handle. preciousness.
*dies from cuteness*
All aboard the corgi bus to awesomeness!
Tonight I'll have pumpkin soup and watch the Nightmare Before Christmas. I wish I had candy corn too. Damn you American candy!


  1. Corgis in Halloween costumes. . . cuteness overload!

  2. So cutee :3
    Happy halloween sarah! :]


  3. AHH! OHMYGOD it's a broccoli corgi! I can die now.