Saturday, October 29, 2011

I eat yucky stuff too!

One of my all time favorite blogs on the interwebz is Twinkie Chan's 'I Eat Yucky Stuff!'. Even though it doesn't get updated too regularly I love browsing through old posts to be amazed by all the crazy food people come up with. I decided to start sharing my crazy food finds with the world too every once in a while, because if you didn't know already: I eat everything. And I can't stand picky eaters. 
Today I discovered an Asian supermarket that's only a nice 15 minute walk through the park for me. JACKPOT! They had so much amazing stuff. I was standing there at the candy and snacks aisle completely dumbfounded. Obviously, they have quite a lot of food and drinks there that are completely foreign to me so I'm gonna try to go there about once every week now to pick up something I've never had before.

On to my scores of the day, I got: a supercute My Melody case with strawberry candies (which are WAY too sweet to me, and I have a huge sweettooth so that's saying something..), Hello Panda strawberry biscuits, strawberry Yan Yan, Hello Kitty ice cream cone marshmallows, dried seaweed snack, BBQ flavored noodle snack, strawberry soy milk with tapioca balls and a plushie Hello Kitty shaped hamburger filled with the same strawberry candies.
First up: Dried Seaweed Snack! I was really excited to try this because I love anything seaweed.
So yummy! They're really crunchy too. If you like seaweed salad then you have to try this too. I'm definitely getting the 'spicy' version too next time.

Next: bbq flavored noodle snacks. It's basically pieces of flavored dry noodles.
Pretty good! But not as good as the seaweed. Still wouldn't mind trying out the other flavors too though.

I'll soon make another post in which I'll try the ice cream cone marshmallows and strawberry soy milk. Sounds like a good combo right? <3 


  1. I love seaweed snacks! Nobody else I know will eat them though :(
    Also, I didn't know your blog name had changed and when I went to see if there were new blog posts, your blog was gone! I panicked! Then scrolled down and saw that you had a new name. Which is adorable, by the way.

  2. @Grace I feel your pain..
    Haha I didn't know it would actually change anything! The previous name was something I just came up with when I just started my blog so I figured it was time for a change c: thank you!