Friday, November 25, 2011

Dear Santa

WANT. They're available now at Sanrio boutique stores and

This Momiji doll is super cute too
Talking about Christmas... I recently entered the Reddit Secret Santa project and today I got my 'match'! It's gonna be hard to find something for my match though, because interests wise we're not a match at all (besides the fact we both listen to Disney soundtracks, yes I creeped my match a little bit).

It's supposed to be the biggest, world record breaking Secret Santa ever! I wonder who my Secret Santa is gonna be and what they'll get me...


  1. I got my match today, too! They frequent r/trees and r/foodporn. Kind of fitting, huh?

  2. @Pixie would've been awesome if we would have been a match :D it would be like 'nope sorry, I reeeaaally can't tell you who I've got' u_u