Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lindsey Way and fat cats.

Like LynZ is like... so inspiring (just kidding, I say 'like' too many times in one sentence too). I randomly watched some interviews with her and she's so open and honest and sweet. She was the huge art nerd in the corner of the classroom who didn't have a boyfriend 'till she was 19? Hello twin sister. No seriously. And I had no idea that besides being a bad ass bassplayer she's an amazing artist as well. Check out some of her amazing dioramas:
Look at all that detail! And it looks so clean and perfect. Now I'm dying to try and make a diorama too.. which probably won't be until the next semester. But it's still an awesome idea. You know what's also an awesome idea? Caramalised Pear and Chocolate Mint tea, mmmmhmmmm delicious <3

Got to go work on my package design for my Fat Cat Chocolate now. Isnt it the best name ever? I mean, cats and chocolate, what more could a cat lady wish for?


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