Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello Kitty says hello to Holland.

I went to the Hello Kitty exhibition yesterday. In my little country we have one museum completely dedicated to Japan, and this time also to Hello Kitty (MEOW!) Remember how I once went crazy and considered to study Japanese? Well it's around  there.

The lady at the counter wasn't very nice. She had to inspect my student ID very thoroughly for some reason. She told all the other visitors where they could store their stuff and they got cute stickers and a booklet upon return while I was just left with a dumb map. I guess it were my pigtails.. I'm starting to think people don't like pigtails.

It wasn't very big, but I didn't expect it to be so.

Cute murals while I climbed my way up! I can haz them on my wall plz?
Miss Shimizu herself!
The Hello Kitty timeline
One of the highlights for me: spotting artwork of Tara Mcpherson!
This was a selection of Hello Kitty stuff from three big collectors in our country. Why didn't they contact me??
I'm not a big Gaga fan, but these pictures (and outfits!) are still pretty cool!
Cute seats! Unfortunately my bag was a bit too small to sneak one with me..
Another collection of a thirty-something (!) year old guy. Unf.
Look at that cute little sake set!
One of the downsides of going alone? No picture of yourself with Hello Kitty :c
Tarina Tarantino jewelry <33
Now, BEHOLD the dutch Hello Kitty:
Only Hello Kitty is able to look dutch and cute at the same time.
Then I thought it was over already, BUT NO. I followed the little Hello Kitty arrows and found more hidden downstairs. Thank you grumpy counter lady for pointing that out.

Hinamatsuri figurines. I thought these were so pretty.
More cute kitchenware. Sometimes it was almost tormenting that nothing was for sale..
I wonder if the counter lady knows about this place?
And then it really already was over. The special Hello Kitty things they had in the store were way overpriced, so I only got myself a poster as my walls are still so empty. My daily need for Hello Kitty has been satisfied yet again.


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