Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today's little things.
Re-organizing my closet - people saying you look great - cleaning everything - receiving postcards - Sending cute (food themed c:) snail mail

Yes I made a cute taco card. I am an awesome friend.
nomming cookies with smiley faces - smelling a perfume that reminds you of good things - yummy bread with nuts and raisins - reading + tea  - finding out your weekend starts a day earlier (which enables you to go on a random shopping spree!)

Shopping scores: the best Bambi sweater ever (with glitters!), Hello Kitty advent calendar (I haven't had one in.. forever), green tea with lavender (so good.) and more super cute deco tapes (am I just a tiny bit obsessed with those?)
No but seriously, who can resist 'honey duck', hugging strawberries and winking peaches?