Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas ears.

Look at my super festive new christmas tree earrings! I probably won't have an actual tree at my own place this year, so this will have to do.
Today I sent off my secret santa package to America! How exciting! While I was working on it I realized that if everything goes right, I will actually receive a package from some secret santa as well. I'm so curious what a complete stranger will come up with for me c:
The cutest wrapping paper!
Since yesterday I've had the She & Him Christmas album (A Very She & Him Christmason repeat, so maybe that's what causes all this Christmas cheer. Go check it out!

And finally, to complete this post, the most precious Christmas Corgi. I want you under my non-existent tree.


  1. Xmas is everywhere! You will get an extrra present from spain by the way, i just dont know when it will arrive lol

    Have a nice week :3

  2. @Alexandra aww that's so sweet! I have yet to send out all my other Christmas mail, but something will be coming your way too c:

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