Friday, December 2, 2011

Cozy Christmas Fire. NOT.


The first of December means: first advent calendar chocolate! What a great way to start off your day.

I'm still more or less recovering from a tiny heart attack. Here I was, doing my thing on Friday night. Randomly drawing while watching Doctor Who, when I decided it was time for tea, turned around, got in complete shock for a few seconds when I realised: FIRE!

I did hear some unfamilair noises, and I was suddenly coughing an awful lot, but obviously don't put aside whatever I'm doing to find out what it is. I had put a tealight on a dresser in front of a picture frame with a picture of my mom, dad and me as a baby in it. Apparently the tealight decided it didn't wax and could use my dresser and picture to burn just as well.
I managed to save it, more or less, I'm just gonna have to cut off the bottom part. Hooray for life saving towels. One of my biggest fears has always been fires. I'd lie in my bed as a little girl and constantly think of how I'd escape the house when there would be a fire (which was usually just running far, far away). I don't even want to think of what would've happened if I hadn't been home..

ANYWAY, Let's quickly forget about this (which is hard now that it smells like I just had a great bonfire in my room, which I actually had, kinda, if you think about it). Today I decided to raid the school's library magazine collection, and I took some shots of inspiring things...
They are all from a magazine called Bloom. It's a gorgeous magazine hugely inspired by flowers, nature and the like. Now that we're on the subject of school, look at this little thing I worked on! My first aquatint etch. I wonder what it'll look like once it's pressed..
Finally I just wanted to say one more thing. Even though I don't have that many followers, I just want to let my few readers know that I truly appreciate you taking your time to check out my blog c: I honestly can't thank you enough! You guys (or mainly girls, actually!) are too lovely! 
Greetings from the ghost of Christmas awesomeness. <3


  1. That is so scary to have a fire break out in your room! I would just panic in that situation!

  2. @Anne Cobai I really freaked out at first too and was hesitant about throwing a towel over it scared it would catch fire also, but luckily it didn't :D

  3. So sorry about that, i hope you're feeling better now that everything is ok! :]


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