Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals and dreams for 2012

2011 really did flew by didn't it? I was just trying to sum up the year, only to realize most of the things I thought of were actually of 2010. This is what I wrote on the last day of the year last year:
I need to get the fuck over myself and apply for art school.
That's going to be my only new year's resolution.
I need some more social contacts as this is getting ridiculousBahhhhhhhh
And guess what!? Now I've already had my first few months of art school. The social contacts thing kind of... failed. But I'm fine with it and that's what matters right? 2011 has more or less been the beginning of my artistic career. I've dived deep into the artistic world (and grown a dangerous obession with art books) and moved out and created my very own inspirational little home.
I've decided to make some new year's resolutions, well, I've tried. Here are some of the to me most important ones:

Succesfully finish my first year of school
go to Japan/Tokyo
See Alkaline Trio liveread at least 8 books
Grow my hair even more
Take photographs every day

School really is my number one priority right now, but once summer is here I'm determined to go somewhere I've always wanted to go which ideally would be Tokyo. I'm also really hoping to see one of my all time favorite bands this year.. I've seen Bright Eyes live twice this year so Alkaline Trio is next up on the list!

And don't we all got to try to stay positive? I know it's quite a general thing, but it might be one of the greatest priorities in my life. I've really got to try to stay away from the dark places in my mind and find out all the ways to do so :)


  1. Happy new year! It looks like your xmas time was great :3 anyways staying positive is the best part, by the way, when was your birthday? :]


  2. @Alexandra oh God yes it's almost my birthday, I'm almost old -_- it's the 24th :) How was your xmas??