Friday, March 23, 2012

Fuzziness and foxes.

It's about time for a little update to possibly inform my few sweet little readers why I'm neglecting my blog a little bit. I'm already forced by school to stare at any kind of screen way too much, so when I do have some off time I'd rather trim plants in the garden or read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them than stare at a screen some more. Makes sense right?

A little art update... right now one of my assignments regards a fairy tale. I got one about a Wolf and a Fox. How appropiate. It was meant to be.

My moodboard. I'm not too crazy about it, but it'll do for now. It has a cute fox. 
A little experiment. I like the typography and washi tape
and that's where my liking towards it kind of ends.

And finally, this is a little animation I made for class. We had to draw one of our classmates as a pet/animal and animate it. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

As you might've noticed I'm kind of in a sarcastic, stuck but yet alright kind of mood. Oh you didn't notice that? Well that's how it is. But I'm glad next week school will be a little different with a project going on and I can hopefully focus on something else I love (food and cooking! I totally just typed cookies instead of cooking.)

For now I'll enjoy my sunny weekend at home to the fullest filled with colorful spring plants, yarn shopping, men with sigars, delicious onion quiche, big bees and fuzzy feelings,


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  1. Everything you said was logical, who does the same activity when they are in holidays? It actually makes sense to change the stuff we do. Anyways i hope you are having a great time in anything you do....and i love foxes!! *O*
    Have a great week! :3