Friday, March 30, 2012

Why why why why whyyyy has my mood been so horrible for the past few days/weeks...?
I´m not depressed or anything, but it´s like this evil dark beast that´s usually just lurking somewhere deep below the surface has decided to come out and follow me around everywhere. I´ve tried so many things...

I´ve tried cleaning and organizing my room, which made me feel good for about an hour but then it quickly ebbed away again. Gotta love my new pink sparkly jewellery box and heart shaped ´earring holder´ though c:
As a poor art student you'´ll find that a chair can be so much more than just a chair!
Oooooh sparkly!

Another exciting thing happened this week: I ate grasshoppers and mealworms!
Now honestly, I have been terrified and grossed out by mealworms ever since I wanted to have oatmeal for breakfast a couple of years ago, but instead of oatmeal I ended up with a bowl of mealworms...

But we had a ´blind fold food tasting´ and so I had no idea that the tasty granola bar I was eating turned out to be containing mealworms! Anyway.. some pictures (I stole from someone else who was there too)

The grasshoppers actually tasted really good! I´m 100% prepared for a future filled with lots of little insects on my plate.

Another thing I´d like to share with you guys today is this anatomical heart I crocheted today! I had to improvise the entire thing, but I think it turned out pretty good. I´m planning on doing more similar themed things.

That´s about it. I think my laptop is really badly affected with viruses and that most of my accounts continually get hacked (despite me frequently changing passwords etc.). I don´t know why I´m telling you this. It´s more of a personal reminder: take care of your laptop and log-out every single time!

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  1. I'm really sorry to hear that, i hope you cheer up really! :D
    Btw i love the heart you made :]