Saturday, April 7, 2012

Paris Paris

This morning I had this song on repeat and a yummy croissant (during the early easter breakfast I made for me and my mum, we had duck eggs and I felt a little awkward eating one. Like eating a baby duck..) and it made me feel like that once I´d step outside I would be somewhere in the middle of Paris.

I remember how I went there with school a couple of years ago. It was extremely warm and I don´t think I liked it all that much to be honest (probably because we had to walk everywhere). But still I have some fond memories of walking around the city through all the little streets and pretty parks. Sitting on the edge of a fountain at du musee du Louvre to cool down, making music under the Eiffel Tower and shopping at Lafayette.

Now that I look back on it, I wish I could do it again.. and I'm planning on doing so during the summer holidays! I'm kind of excited already. It's really easy to get there by train from here. I honestly feel like I'm almost obliged to go there again, but I have no idea why! Call it woman's intuition.

Maybe it's because of the super cute Hello Kitty collection going on at Paris´ famous LadurĂ©e? If only the first macaron I´ll eat would come in such a cute box... Their website is so cute too!
Or maybe it's because of Pompom Purin's new girlfriend Macaroon!? I'm a huge Pompom Purin lover but this just made go cute crazy! I'm (even more) in love. I want a big fluffy white cat with curly hair and call her Macaroon... And put a cute pink bow in her hair.
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Are you making any fun plans for your summer? Or do you know any awesome places to go to in Paris? Please share!



  1. That's so cute *O*
    There's an old book shop wich was a private collection, but now i think you can buy whatever you like, and by the way, most of them are in english...
    and of course please go to disneyland Resort paris and i'm sure i'm missing out something :3
    And well this year my summer plans are getting stuck by my old fear of planes mixed with my new born fear of ships, wich is quite funny as i had a ship and i have made loads of cruises all my life...btw this summer will be a relaxation summer in spain xD
    Have fun! :]


  2. @Alexandra Oh that bookshop sounds like fun! I wish I could go to Disneyland.. maybe I will. I'm just afraid it'll be waaaaay too busy there during the summer holidays Dx

    A fear of ships sounds totally reasonable to me btw haha. And a relaxation holiday doesn't sound too bad to me!