Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I need your vote!

A quick little post to let you guys (or mainly girls!) know I signed up for a modeling 'competition' at Attitude Events where they are looking for models for the brand VIXXSIN. You can view my entry here.

It seems like a fun opportunity and they have new events all the time for which you can sign up, so if this doesn't work out I'll just keep trying with other events! I mean just look at my handsome face, isn't it a shame it just goes to waste like that!? (the answer is YES, kinda.)
Now here's the thing: YOU can help me a little bit! Even though it's not based on who gets the most votes, they do help you to get a little bit more noticed! All you have to do is click the VOTE button right here, sign up (only takes a minute!) and you will be sent lots of eternal love and imaginary cupcakes from me.