Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bunnies, Goodies and Sugared Bananas.

I hope everyone had a great long Easter weekend! I had a great one myself at home sweet home even though the weather was kind of dreary.. easter colors and chocolate eggs helped me to get over that c:
Easter bunny egg for breakfast!
Another thing that made me super excited were these cute goodies I got from my sis!
My 'about me' doesn't say I love music boxes for nothing, and I have a great new addition! Isn't it the cutest?

What also got me really excited was that after lots of problems with Fedex, my reddit yarn exchange package finally arrived! My lovely match all the way from New York sent me the most amazingly cute, pink and sparkly yarn! If I had to describe myself using yarn, this would be it.
One big ball of prettiness.
and a super cute mamegoma note!
Redditgifts keeps getting more awesome gift exchanges every time! I already signed up for the My Little Pony one, and I'm tempted to sign up for the cookbooks one too...

Now, I'd like to conclude this goodies post with something I had been hunting for for months! Hello Kitty banana/coconut showergel! Isn't that the best combination ever!? It smells like those sugared banana candies (which is delicious). I'm considering to stock up on these.. It's bananas! Pun intended,


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