Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pandan & Kitsune

Remember the moodboard I posted a few weeks ago? Well that didn't work out. I never felt like working on it and got frustrated with the characters. But then I had my evaluation for the class and it was a true eye-opener! My teacher told me how he liked an other design in my sketchbook I had already almost forgotten about and I was instantly inspired to start all over! I seriously felt like running home just so I could get started.

My neck hurts like crazy but it's all worth it. I'm so excited about my brand new idea for this assignment!
Characters designs. Meet Pandan & Kitsune!

Moodboard with inspirational pictures and pretty colors.

Can you tell I'm currenlty obsessed with digital washi tape and cute random patterns? Now it's time to sketch out all the pages!


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