Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to put up a chandelier

How to put up a chandelier
You'll need:
- the prettiest chandelier ever (preferably in lilac)
- a dad who thinks he's an electrician
- a backup electrician who works on Sunday evenings
- one lightbulb
- candles
- a lighter that actually works
- a bathroom that has power at all times in case your mobile phone is ALWAYS out of battery

So let's get started...
First, let your dad cut and pull out all the electrical wires coming out of the ceiling until it causes an electrical breakdown. Get the candles and light them with a lighter that works. Next, go to the bathroom to provide your phone with power and call an electrician who's willing to come help you out on a Sunday evening. Let him fix the power and install the chandelier. Use the single lightbulb to find out how awesome your chandlier looks in your room, even though it's way too bright and you actually need 7 more lightbulbs.

And now behold: the prettiest chandelier!
This tutorial is in no way recommended for anyone else but crazy people who don't value their time.


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