Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inspiration: Anatomy and Vanitas

This morning I re-discovered my love for Vanitas still life. I remember that back when I had art history, I found it one of the most interesting subjects and was in awe by how beautiful and creepy it was at the same time. And of course the realism. The beautiful shine of glasses and jewellery and gorgeous colors of the soft flowers

Right now I'm working on a project inspired by both vanitas still lifes and anatomy (of both humans and animals) and I wanted to share some inspiration. <3
Omnia Vanitas

by Frederik Ruysch
by Toru Kamei (love his work!!) 
Also loving this work by Nicole Natri, an artist I came across while browsing through old anatomy pictures.
And lets not forget about these Hello Kitty Anatomy Toys I will be forever drooling over..



  1. Wow, those are so creepy and awesome!

  2. I have always been in love with old pictures and drawings (mostly of the victorian and edwardian era), anatomy drawings and skulls, so I really have enjoyed this post, thanks! :3

    Ps: i wanted that hello kitty doll too >.<


  3. @Alexandra I already thought you'd like these too :D