Sunday, May 6, 2012

*Sunday Sweethearts*

Sunday Sweethearts
The show Girls. A new series on HBO about girls, in New York, in their twenties, trying to survive. Some of it is so relateable and it's so... real. The downside of new shows is that you can't have a marathon and instead have to wait all the time for a new episode to air!

Starchild on Etsy. Having a slight eyeball.. thing, going on right now. Combine that with diamonds and pretty colors and you certainly have my attention. I am really liking this one especially.

Fun colored liquid eyeliners.
 They're slowly popping up everywhere and even though I have yet to find a hot pink and/or lilac colored one, I did get a metallic purple one today which I'm excited to try tomorrow!
Grunge grunge grunge!
I got my mum's old denim jacket last week and it all started from there. This tumblr gives a pretty good idea of my current inspiration.
HUGE hair inspiration <3
Pretty candles in pretty colors <3

Traditional Japanese art
. Always a huge inspiration. The colors, patterns... everything!

Have a fabulous Sunday.


  1. I started watching the first episode of Girls last week and then about halfway through it my computer decided not to load anymore :( It looked like something I would totally like though. I know what you mean about not being able to have a marathon. I'm usually late discovering shows, so I can sit down and watch them all at once. There is a certain fun to watching something once a week though (for the first season of Lost my cousin and I would get so excited every Wednesday. We'd call each other on the phone during commercials and be all "ohmygosh can you believe what just happened").

    I love eyeball jewelry! It's so great.

    I also have a serious love of grunge. I doubt I could pull it off, myself, but I love the style.

  2. 'grunge' style is the best for summer, when it's too sunny outside to wear too much black, i'm a fan too :D
    Actually...i think i have an idea for next years contains the words 'bleached', 'shorts' and 'denim' :3 i make them myself with my mom's help, i'll send you a picture of mines :3 and i'll make you a pair :]
    I love the last picture (japaneese)