Friday, June 8, 2012

Cute Gets & Cubs


Or whatever time of the day it is where you are :)
I took a little break from everything before class the other day to treat myself a little bit. I finally got the book I blogged about a little while ago, and it's so incredibly pretty! Now I'm dying to get the one about kimono's too.
Stitched cute cover
Pretty pattern n.n
Creatures of the night hidden in the tree!
I also couldn't resist this little 'blindbox' package and I got these two cuties to accompany all my other toys on my cabinet of cuteness.

Today we went to the zoo with class to draw and they had the cutest lion cubs!
They were just lazing around I felt like jumping right in there to cuddle them (don't worry, I didn't do it in the end.) I have to admit the zoo was kind of a disappointment for me. So many cages were empty OR so small I only felt sorry for the animals. And too many screaming children. TOO many. Ugh.
Lovey dovey sharks! They also had the most amazing GIANT sea turtle. I don't think I had seen one swimming around like that in real life before. It was so beautiful. And I LOVED the elephants! I can't stop drawing elephants now!

Still, I feel like my head is going to explode and I just want to crawl into my bed and drink vanilla flavored rice milk and eat peaches all day (my slowly growing obsessions). Assessment week is the worst. I want the next two weeks to be over already so I have room for more fun again.


  1. Sharks! Sharks are the best. So are baby lions.
    I have to try rice milk, it's better for you, isn't it?

  2. @Grace Well to me it's like having a vanilla milkshake, so in that case it's deff. better :D