Wednesday, June 27, 2012

*Glamour rock in the sweet shop*

Happy Wednesday!
Now that summer has started I finally feel like I have the time again to focus on other things besides art. Like beauty products! As I mentioned in my last post I had finally gotten my first products at Lush. A classmate, Tanja, was working there that day so she thankfully was more than happy to give advice and let us smell all the goodness... This is what I got!
My goodies!
The R&B will have to be my new favorite product! When I put a little bit of it in my hair in the store it instantly revived and got shiny and curly again. I was amazed! It smells really good too. You just put a little bit on your hands and put it in your hair. That is all! You can just leave it in and look and smell amazing :)

Next, my classmate thought the Rockstar soap would be perfect for me! It's pink, sparkly and smells super sweet in the best way possible. It's like a glamour rock party in a sweet shop while glitters are falling from the sky, but in soap form. Awesome.

The ocean salt facescrub is lovely too. It smells like the sea (obviously..) and leaves my face feeling super soft and fresh. I'm definitely considering getting the 'real deal' with my next visit.
R&B creme, Rockstar soap, ocean salt facescrub.
All in all, Lush is one of my favorite new shops! I am obsessed. It's all so natural and quirky and fun and I felt so happy and excited once I left the shop. If you haven't been there before: GO RIGHT NOW!!

Yes. I'm such a material girl. I'm on a spending roll, but hey, I've worked hard and am allowed to treat myself now. A couple of days later I finally got Katy Perry's fragnance Purr. Summer is basically the only time of the year I feel like wearing perfume, and this one has been on my wishlist for ages!
I got the super pretty giftbox witht he sparkly bodylotion and shower gell, and the shop lady also gave me the free kitty bag even though it wasn't included with gift sets. Score! It smells delicious, and I feel like it changes a little bit all the time which is really nice. And lets not forget about the super adorable bottle!!
I love that little cat face!
Do you have any new favorite products or recommendations? I'd love to hear!
Hope you are having a great week so far.


  1. Everything looks so worth trying! I'd love to find one of those shops here in spain! :D
    My recomendation is Cowshed ( it is soo natural! My brother works in one of their hotels, Soho House London, and he gets loads of products, lip balms, creams, soaps, oils and eveything you can imagine! I have tried many products and they look really good, classic and pure smell and great results too! I might send you some for your bday or xmas!

  2. @Alexandra I just checked out their website and it looks great :D It kinda reminds me of a local brand we have here, but that's with sheep instead of cows :)

    Oh and btw I think there are a couple of Lush stores in Spain too. They at least have a website in spanish:
    But maybe I'll pick up a little something for you next time I'm there n.n

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  4. I just checked it out! I never knew they were so near, i'll check them out next week! Everything looks so good! Thank you by the way :D