Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tea is a miracle.

So, yesterday I was strolling through the Eko Plaza (which is kind of the Dutchs equivalent for Whole Foods, but then usually a lot smaller and a lot less awesome). If I could do my grocery shopping there all the time, I would. But it's so incredibly expensive! No good for a tight student budget. Bah.

Anyway, suddenly something caught my eye. It was pink, purple and had 'White Tea' and 'Cherry' written on  it. And it matched my current nail polish perfectly (am I the only one who buys something just because it matchs their nails/outfit?) It was obviously made for me. What I'm talking about is a drink called Little Miracles. And a miracle it is!
I'm usually not a fan of either energy drinks or iced tea. Both are always way too sweet. Or iced tea tastes like cooled of tea that's been sitting there for a couple of days. But this drink is just... omnomnom. It's not too sweet, smells great and if you like cherries then you're gonna love this! Know those gummy cherries? Well imagine putting those in your white tea and then adding some ice cubes to it and this is what you get (in the best way imaginable!)
There are two more varieties. I can't wait to pick up the green tea next time I go grocery shopping 

And now that we're talking about tea and pretty packaging, I'll also share a tea I picked up some time ago! Clipper Tea is natural, fair and delicious. What more could you wish for?
All their packaging illustrations are so inspirational, but these would have to be my favorite:

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