Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A day at De Efteling

On Monday, after ten years, I finally went to the themepark again I LOVED as a kid: De Efteling
I'm not a themepark person, but this one has something special. There is so much attention for detail and it isn't just some place where they've cramped a couple of crazy rides on a piece of land and put a couple of gigantic overpriced foodcourts in between. Overall this is a dreamy place where 'fairytales exist'.

For example I LOVED how they put paper lanterns up in some of the trees!
And they have the most gorgeous colored flowers everywhere...
And lets not forget about the doves! Omg, I completely forgot about those! Among the pretty white doves they actually have some blue and pink (and maybe some other colored) ones flying around too!
While everyone was off going on all the rollercoasters and other nauseating rides I went to my favorite part of the park with my mom and little niece: the fairytale forestThey even added some new fairytales in those ten years like Cinderella and The Little Match Girl. They used these kind of hologram effects with some of them which looked so awesome!

This tree was new for me too. It tells fairytales and it actually looks so real! The attention to detail was simply amazing. (you can see a video of it moving here!)
Red riding hood n.n
I also got to visit my future home again...
And one of my favorites as a kid: the little red shoes! After the story these actually start dancing around. I could look at it for hours (well... I still can.)
Of course I also went on my all-time forever favorite ride: Droomvlucht ('dreamflight') in which you basically ride through a magical fairy land with dreamy music playing and the elf king waving at you... Oh and at the end you glide through troll land!
At the end of the day we had pancakes at this amazing new pancake restaurant! Not only the pancakes were amazing, but the interior especially! For some reason it reminded me a bit of Harry Potter...
All in all it was a good day. Extremely tiring though (we camped the night before x_x) and I'm happy to be back home. Today I picked up my timetable for school and next week classes start! I'm feeling like a big ball of anxiety/excitement-ish mess.

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