Thursday, August 30, 2012

In love with Melon, Matcha and Moleskine.

Thursday Loves...

Melon/chicken salad this is so delicious! I think I'm gonna post the recipe on here soon ♥ Postcard from Japan Postcrossing postcards from Japan are always my favorite! Arent those stamps the cutest?  My new black bow got this at Claire's. I realized I needed more big bows in my life (and my hair)  Matcha Latte's OMG this has to be my newest obsession! I had one with soy milk at Bagels and Beans the other day and as soon as I had my first sip I was in love! Still on the hunt for matcha powder..  My new Hunger Games Pin I saw this at Claire's too the other day and I couldn't resist.. I felt like such a fan girl but hey, at least I didn't get the Peeta Pillow Throw or the fleece blanket (although I did feel tempted...) ♥ Drawing in my new sketchbook I'm absolutely in love with my new Moleskine sketchbook! The paper is nice and yellowish and it feels so luxurious. I feel like hugging it all day long  Cute present from Alette she got this for me on vacation because it reminded her of me! Isn't that sweet!?

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  1. I have the Mockingjay pin too :) I'm rereading those books now.