Monday, August 20, 2012

Artist feature: Miss Kika (and increased cute obsession)

Miss Kika
Today I stumbled across the blog 'cute in korea' and I couldnt stop browsing! So much cuteness and colors and pretty pictures. Little did I know that the blog was from the great Miss Kika! I absolutely love her work and going through all her little adventures on her blog definitely shows where she might get her inspiration from *♥_♥*
'the art of decorations'
'Hello Kitty Planet in Korea'
Ever since I ordered my new Hello Kitty shoes (which should arrive tomorrow! I'm so excited!) my obsession with cute/kawaii/pink goodness/sparkles/squeeee has increased like crazy! Like today I just spend all day drooling over Baby The Stars Shine Bright dresses (and then cried over how I'll probably never be able to afford them), playing Hello Kitty online, browsing through endless pages of Japanese streetfashion and decided to now SERIOUSLY start saving up so I'll be able to go to Japan sometime VERY SOON.

I have to create an inspiration board with places I would visit and just random things that spark my love for Japan so I'll stay motivated. There's so much though! It makes me feel a little intimidated. Tomorrow, Pinterest is going to be my best friend. n_n

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