Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The cats return, once again!

Good morning! Or should I say... cat morning! I decided to give Ghibli's 'The Cat Returns' another try. Can you imagine I once just couldnt finish watching it? It's a Ghibli movie and it's about cats. Sounds perfect right? Maybe last time I just wasnt in the right mood because this time I watched it completely in one go and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!
Also, Yuki reminded me of my dearest cat Snowy (who isnt here anymore..) Ugh I miss her.
I found this sweet picture my sis made of us last year on Facebook. Dawwwwww!
And then when the movie was done, like magic, my Hello Kitty Vans arrived! I can not get over how pretty and perfect they are! I was squeeling and jumping up and down before they were even out of the box. 
One of my favorite parts of them are the polkadotted shoelaces!

I apologize for all the cat themed posts lately. I must seem like such a cliché (and maybe I am..) Just blame the fact I'm constantly surrounded by cats.


  1. I've never heard before about that film, i now need to watch it! lol your shoes are so pink and pretty *O* it's a shame i usually feel weird with so happy clothing haha
    By the way, i'm back from my trip to london, so i still have to check the rest of the journals :3


  2. @Alexandra You should! It's great n.n I hope you had a good time in London! but it's impossible not to. So jealous T.T

  3. Don't be, you'll go soon if you're lucky! And yeah i spent the days with my parents, my bf and my bro that lives there and I only see him some times a year :D