Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pink, naturally.

Pink hair
I truly believe my natural hair color was supposed to be pink. It just decided to pick the closest shade to that (red). Lately I've been trying to grow out my black layer of hair so I can go ALL PINK. But oh man it's such a frustrating process. Looking at pictures of what my hair will hopefully soon look like kind of keep me motivated though...
I don't want to have the solid 'looks like I'm wearing a wig' kind of hair (which is also impossible because of my natural gingerness..) I want it to be like a casual, various shades of pinkness. Like it's naturally that way. Patience, patience, patience...


  1. Pink hair is the best! I have to redo mine soon because my dark roots are showing and it's starting to look trashy. But yeah, pink hair is pretty sweet.

  2. Pink hair is really pretty, i had a big part of my hair dyed in pink, i loved it! But now i am a red it doesn't really fit together :( and anyways your hair looks cool to me :D

    Ps: i don't always comment in your posts, but i always read them, what can i say, i think your blog is one of the best i have ever been following :3


  3. @Alexandra thank you so much dear :) you have no idea how much I appreciate that <3