Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Sunday

The weather. Let's talk about the weather. My least favorite yet all too often occuring conversation topic! And here it pops up, yet again. Yesterday was an exceptional gorgeous day, so exceptional I even went for my first of the year(!) swim in the sea without any complaints about coldness or jellyfish.
Oh how I love our wide, deserted beach (and my frilly pink bikini!).
It was extremely windy though (as always) and after an hour or so I got sick of getting sand in my face. Honestly, who goes to the beach and only complains about the sand all the time? IT'S A BEACH! I am sorry, sand, but you're just not cool when you're all loose and flying around and doing your thing.

To be honest though, the beach isn't really my thing. Unless you bring a windscreen, a parasol and a ton of sunscreen. Or when you go there late afternoon/evening and have a barbeque and lay on a towel until it gets dark.
My pink hair in action.
Talking about hair: the hot weather makes me want to put my hair up again and I really loved how this braided updo worked out! Who knew I had such awesome updo skills!?
I've also been really into drawing outfits. Not only of my own outfits, but also of random ones I find and like online. This was inspired by Rookie roadtrip outfits pictures (so many stylish ladies!) and the Strange Magic installation by Petra and Tavi (I am completely IN LOVE with that installation. I want to live there!!)
And a cute cat in panda disguise stamp I got from my lovely friend Alexandra!
It's already getting grey around here, which is totally fine by me because it's the perfect excuse to stay inside and draw (or sit in front of the mailbox all day impatiently waiting for my new awesome sketchbook to arrive).

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  1. I love the beach shots! And i'm glad that you liked the stamp :]