Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Super Cute Kawaii + Creepy Cute Haul!

Today was one of those days I just knew was going to be GOOD. And I'm very happy to see I was right! Omg! It was the perfect fall weather, classes went super well, everyone seemed to be nice and I got some super exciting mail + did a little creepy cute shopping spree during my break. Picture time!!

Ok, so last week I found out I had one Super Cute Kawaii's Asking for Trouble giveaway! Yay! I was very excited to say the least. Especially since it included BUNNIES!
Bunny tape n_n Seriously, just send me an envelope with bunny tape on it and I'm happy.
The CUTEST bunny notebook which will be perfect for my schoolnotes. Love those colors   
More goodies! Monsieur le Bun is so fancy, and I can't wait to use the busy bee organiser!
Thank you so much Super Cute Kawaii for your kindness and brightening my day. And happy belated birthday c: I highly recommend checking out the Asking for Trouble shop for adorable goodies n.n

And as I said, I went on a little shopping spree because... Fall is here! I need nice sweaters and tights and hats and scarves and Halloweeny stuff! It has resulted in the perfect creepy cute haul.
Super soft sweater that matches my hair perfectly, stripey skirt and the cutest hat (from the girl's department ^^) from H&M
Sparkly macaron necklace and spider earrings from Claire's
And now... will you just look at these glasses!? Aren't they perfect? Who only uses these during halloween? These will be used daily from now on. Gotta be able to sip my water creepy style. And yes, black and purple BATS!
This post probably has way too many exclamation marks but I don't care. There's nothing wrong with excitement and happiness. As long as it's sincere. Are you already getting ready for fall/Halloween? I can't stop being thrilled it's finally here again. I missed those cups of chai tea and weather to be knitting/crocheting, reading books under a blanket and well... you know, the good stuff!